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Environmental Sunnahs: Emulating the Prophet One Earth-Friendly Act at a Time by Alia G. Dada illustrated by Sarah Hafeez

Environmental Sunnahs: Emulating the Prophet One Earth-Friendly Act at a Time by Alia G. Dada illustrated by Sarah Hafeez

This beautiful book explores how intertwined Islam and caring for the earth are in a kid appropriate manner.  The rhyming lines and fun illustrations are accompanied at the end by very detailed sourcing, references, and tips.  All non fiction or fictionalized fact books should be sourced this well, it really has set the bar, and left most books in the dust.  My only real critique of the book is that I wish it was larger.  The pictures and dancing text need more space to be poured over and enjoyed. The 8×8 size doesn’t do the 36 page book justice.  The inside text should also be a more uniform/consistent in size.  At times the rhyme is off and feels forced, but because there are facts on each page the story isn’t read consecutively.  You break the rhyme scheme to ponder over the “Did you know?” sections, so the beat and cadence isn’t super important.  Overall, a well-done book to share and discuss with children ages 5 and up, and a great reference, resource, and memorable teaching tool to bring us all closer to the prophetic mannerisms we strive to emulate.


The book starts off with a message by naturalist, Director of the Art and Wilderness Institute and author of “How to Draw 60 Native CA Plants and Animals, a Field Guide (and my former childhood penpal) Sama Wareh.  It then jumps in to exploring the miracle of nature on land and under the sea. It shows desert landscapes, and mountainous ones, jungles, and farms, valleys and cities.


The book talks about water: Zam Zam and wudu and where clean water comes from.  How little water we should use according to hadith and how to respect all living things. It talks about Prophet Sulaiman (as) showing kindness to even an ant. And how planting a tree is charity. It shares information about reusable goods, limiting waste, and understanding eco systems.


The book concludes with easy to read Hadith references, Quranic references, a glossary, and action items.

How to Get Hijab Ready: A Guide for Muslim Girls Ages 8 to 11 by Aisha Elwan & Megan Wyatt illustrated by Sarah Hafeez



Yes I know it isn’t fiction, but How to Get Hijab Ready is such a fabulous and much needed book that any positive attention I can direct toward it, I feel is effort well spent, Alhumdulillah.  The book is obviously meant for 8 to 11 year old girls contemplating hijab.  The beauty of this how-to book is that it answers everything from how to accessorize one’s hijab to dealing with bullies in a beautiful manner.  Not only are the pictures bright and colorful, but the presentation is clear, precise and inspiring.  The authors do not talk down to the readers, nor do they make it seem like a burden as they discuss hadith, ayats from the Qur’an, challenges and fashion sense.  The book is divided into sections: The Basics, Getting Started, Having Conversations,  Worries and Concerns, and finally Your Reward for Good Deeds. Each section addresses different topics and “Aisha’s Tips” are scattered throughout to give 12-and-a-half-year-old Aisha’s tips on the subject at hand.


Truly this book is a gift to moms and daughters alike.  I plan to let my daughter look through it for a few days and then sit down with her to discuss.  It functions as both a how-to manual as well as a reference guide and I can see it being looked at A LOT.  Additionally I can see my daughter discussing it with both Muslim and non-Muslim peers.  I think the book offers confidence, direction, and pride as young girls will find inspiration from young Aisha while having many of their concerns about hijab answered in a fun, hip way.

My only criticism is that it wasn’t around when I was a young girl.  For some hijab is an unknown, for some it is a stress, and for some it is a natural expression of faith, and subhanAllah this book in just 51 colorful pages manages to convey information, smiles, and excitement irregardless of your background.