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These Olive Trees: A Palestinian Family’s Story by Aya Ghanameh

This stunningly illustrated OWN voice Palestinian book for early elementary kids is an important story and I love that it is coming out to the world, but I do have some issues with the literary aspects and target demographic.  The story bounces around from being factual about the brining and curing process of turning the bitter olives into numerous things, to Oraib’s present life in the refugee camp, to memories of the family’s life in Al Tira.  When war once again drives the family from their home in the Balata refugee camp, Oraib, plants seeds and vows to return one…

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The Jasad Heir by Sara Hashem

When I requested this book, I really thought it was YA, when I saw it was 528 pages I went online to see what I missed, and sure enough it is considered an “Adult Fantasy” and in the process I read some of the (negative) reviews about the book.  I grew nervous as I’m not naturally a fantasy fan, mg fantasy is more my level, with occasional YA entrapping me.  I told myself 25% is the least I could do, and if it wasn’t clicking, I’d know I gave it a genuine shot.  By about 21% I couldn’t put it…

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Salat in Secret by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow illustrated by Hatem Aly

It is quite remarkable in the course of 40 pages that so many themes, layers, emotions, windows, mirrors, and relevance can radiate with ease and entertainment for children four and up.  The authenticity of the text and illustrations create tangible feels in this book, that months after reading it for the first time, I am still moved to tears, both inspired by joy and as a cathartic release of being seen.  The true mastery is that even if you are not Muslim and cannot relate to the nervousness of praying publicly, you understand Muhammad’s hesitancy and feel for him as…

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Reviewing Children & YA Islamic Fiction, Books by Muslim Authors, & Books Featuring Muslim Characters

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