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Animals in the Qur’an Search & Find by Jenny Molendyk Divleli illustrated by Guliz Gerdan

Animals in the Qur’an Search & Find by Jenny Molendyk Divleli illustrated by Guliz Gerdan


This book is targeted to preschoolers, but with the minor details the book sends readers looking for, I think children up to third grade will enjoy the mix of fun and learning that this book offers.  The book uses animals in the Qur’an as the theme for each two page spread, tells what surah the animal is mentioned in, and some Islamic context, as well as some basic facts about the animal.  Over 45 pages kids will learn about bees and snakes, donkeys and wolves, and dive in to the challenge of finding a spider with spots looking to the left or a fish with strips swimming to the right.  My three year old can not differentiate between some of the more specific markings of this cow or that, but he still loves the illustrations and benefits from the brief factual text. This book is a great addition to school, masjid, and home libraries with its Islamic foundation, beautiful large execution, and wide audience appeal.

The book starts with the Arabic ayat of verse 45 in Surah Nur and the English meaning of the translation.  It then establishes the format of the book, and then lists the 20 animals featured, where they are found in the Qur’an and on what page number, in the table of contents.

Each page offers the animals and some nature elements to be found on the large 10 x 10 pages.  The pictures are playful and colorful with the print quality glossy and a sturdy thickness.


I enjoy the book and think most families with young elementary aged children will as well.  You can purchase a copy here from Crescent Moon Store and if you use my initials “ISL” at checkout, you will save 10%