Adam in Lost and Found by Zanib Mian illustrated by Maria M. Goncalves

Adam in Lost and Found by Zanib Mian illustrated by Maria M. Goncalves

Adam in Lost and Found

This book resembles kindergarten and 1st grade leveled readers in both appearance (shape and size) and appeal.  It very easily could have been a picture book, with its sparse words and simple linear story, but by making it a smaller size, with a variety of playful fonts, it really excites beginning readers who pick it up and are thrilled to see Muslim characters in an Islamic book on their level.  The book is 32 pages and has nice large age appropriate pictures that work very well, even when reading the book aloud to small groups.

adam 1

The  story explores the concept of “finders keepers losers weepers” in a fulfilling way.  Adam, a young boy on a train with his family, finds a toy train and desperately wants to keep it.  His father kindly explains to him the two options before him and lets him choose.  Adam, Alhumdulillah,  chooses to give the train to the lost and found man and earn Allah’s reward.  Later, Adam realizes after much searching and help from his family, that when he found the train, he left his toy airplane.  The moral is cemented in the readers, as they too hope, with Adam, that whomever found his plane, also did the right thing and gave it to the lost and found. By coming full circle the message is conveyed, and a happy ending is had by all.

The book takes place in Britain and is book two in the Adam series.adam 2



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