Zak and His Good Intentions by J. Samia Mair illustrated by Omar Burgess


Zak and his good intentions

Zak  and his sister Hana compete to do good deeds, but nothing goes as Zak intends.  Each time he sets off to help someone or do something kind, he is thwarted by something unexpected.  As frustration mounts with each failure, his mom steps in to reassure him that, “Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that whoever intends to do a good deed, but does not do it, still gets a good deed for his or her intention.” With his spirits restored Zak appreciates Allah’s mercy and accepts that even when we try and plan, it is Allah’s plan that ultimately prevails.

The beauty of the book is in its simple message that is reiterated four times and brought to life with simple straightforward text and detailed, but not overwhelming illustrations.  The book is written on about a second grade level and would appeal to ages 4 to about 8.  It has 32 pages and contains discussion points at the end.  The book is fun and funny and conveys a message and moral in a relevant non preachy way.  Young kids can definitely relate to the character’s desire to do good, disappointment when he fails, and comfort in knowing that Allah swt knows all and is the most just.

Overall a good book with a strong message that can be read more than once and referenced often in both the home and school setting.



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