Samira’s Eid By Nasreen Aktar Illustrated By Enebor Attard


samiras eid

Samira’s Eid is a dual language story (my copy is English and Arabic, other languages are prevalent online as well) about Samira and Hassan, siblings enjoying Ramadan.  It is Hassan’s first time fasting and he is afraid fasting may hurt,  Samira and their mom explain that it won’t and continue to walk him through each step of a Ramadan day as he experiences them.  This point of view allows the reader to see what  Ramadan is like, how it feels, and what it means. The story carries on through Eid and explains as well as shows how Eid ul-Fitr is celebrated by Samira and her family.   The story concludes with a lovely surprise ending involving an Eid Card and Samira’s Nani (grandma), that adds to the book’s appeal at bedtime or story time.

The story is sweet, and level appropriate, it doesn’t get preachy and the dialogue doesn’t seem forced.  It is story driven and would be engaging to both Muslim and non- Muslim children with a little discussion.  The pictures are mediocre. They are colorful and for the most part a good accessory to the story. There are a few pictures however, where the faces are a bit “droopy” and jarring.  Particularly the one of Samira’s teacher, Mrs. Qadir.

It is unclear where the story takes place exactly, presumably the Asian subcontinent as Samira receives a shalwar-kameez to wear for Eid and the use of the term Nani. The author makes a point of following  the moon sighting for Saudi Arabia that may need to be discussed based on personal and community views and practices.

Overall a good story and at 22 pages a nice read-out-loud selection.


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