The Three Muslim Festivals By Aminah Ibrahim Ali Illustrated By Aldin Hadzic



The Three Muslim Festivals is a very informative book about Ramadan, Id al-Fitr, and Id al-Adha, at over 60 pages however, it is a bit long for story time or smaller children.  Broken up into three parts, each told from a different character, the book would work well for second through fourth grade students.  It reads like a very basic chapter book, with information mixed in with a simple story.  The morals are clear, hadith, ayats and dua’as are shared and the illustrations help support the fictionalized portions.  The pictures aren’t engaging, but they do show a variety of ethnic groups and happy families.  The book is content, not character driven, but the families are supportive of the children, there are actively involved moms and dads, grandparents, and siblings.  The mom in one story is a physician and the dads help in the kitchen and around the house, showing some diversity. I like how it serves as both a review of basic Islamic principals while reinforcing elements that a child may not know or may have forgotten in a non condescending manner.  I would imagine the average seven year old could read it independently and comprehend it without being bored.  It isn’t the best written story out there, but it should be engaging enough to convey a lot of good information to an elementary aged reader.  Based on the style it is probably more intended for Muslim readers, but there is a three page glossary of terms in the back.

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