Eid Kareem Ameer Saab By Fawzia Gilani-Williams


This book made me laugh. It is essentially the story of Scrooge in the Christmas Carol simplified for a younger audience and switched to an Islamic perspective.  Don’t get me wrong, despite its unoriginal foundation, it is a good story.

The main character is grouchy, wealthy Ameer Saab who we see in a typical day berating his servant Raheem, refusing to help a woman and her young baby, refusing to help the poor, and neglecting his Salah.  Meanwhile Raheem is scrounging up his money with his wife to provide food, while still managing to help a widow, and others.  That night Ameer Saab has three dreams, in the first he is reprimanded by his father, the second by his mother, and in the third his money and jewels strangle him.  He wakes up a changed man on Eid morning.

This book is great for 2nd through 4th graders, with colorful pictures and well spaced text, it invites rather than intimidates this age group.  The morals are also clear and influential as the reader can see clearly which side is more desirable to Allah swt.

There is a verse from the Quran explained, and there are a few Arabic words, nothing off-putting for a newly independent reader and at just 24 pages, I think most elementary age students will enjoy and benefit from the story.

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