Night of the Moon By Hena Khan Illustrated by Julie Paschkis


night of the moon

Night of the Moon is a beautiful book both visually and content wise.  The pictures are bright and inviting and consume the entire page, keeping even the youngest of listeners engaged.  The book has an AR level of 4.1 and has 32 pages, making it work great for story time and well for independent readers too.

The book tells of seven-year-old Yasmeen, a Pakistani-American girl experiencing Ramadan. The story is moved along by the ever changing phases of the moon. While this book is adequately called a Muslim Holiday Story, it is very cultural.  The characters go to the mosque, but the focus of the story is not why we fast, the revelation of the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), or even manners.  The story focuses on going to iftar parties, having henna painted on your hands, presents, and the very Pakistani-tradition of celebrating chand-raat, the night of the moon.

I like that this book shows Yasmeen talking about Eid at school with classmates of other backgrounds, I even like that her grandma wears hijab and her mother does not.  I also like that they eat a variety of foods, from kebobs to cupcakes.  Thus far, so many of the Ramadan and Eid books I’ve read contain the same information in a fictionalized setting, this one is definitely different, instead of focusing on what Ramadan is, it shows how it is celebrated.  The book works well for Muslim and non Muslim children from all around the world.  If your audience lives in American and has ties to the Asian subcontinent they will see them selves in this book, and even if they don’t, they will probably want to join Yasmeen and her family is celebrating Ramadan and the Night of the Moon.

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