The Perfect Gift by J. Samia Mair


The Perfect Gift

Is there anything sweeter than a little girl feeling sad that she doesn’t have an Eid gift for her mother and then finding the perfect gift in nature? Probably, but it is still a great premise for a sweet story about a young girl named Sarah and how remembering the hadith “Allah is beautiful and loves beauty” starts a new Eid ul-Adha tradition for her family.

The Perfect Gift is simply written with adequate pictures that move the story along.  The text is short and clear leaving the reader or listener with a clear message about Allah’s perfection and gifts, but keeps it on a preschool to first or second grade level.  The book is 28 pages and has a few words defined at the end for clarity.  While the book takes place close to Eid ul Adha, there is no mention about what the holiday is for and how it is celebrated, the focus is on the beauty of nature and perfection of Allah (swt).

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