Zaahir & Jamel the Camel: Hajj by Amatullah Almarwani



This book is a great read for explaining the different parts of Hajj in a linear, easy to follow, fun way to children.  The author gives facts in a fictionalized setting with Zaahir and his camel, Jamel getting ready for, and performing the hajj.  The illustrations are also engaging and give plenty to talk about in both one-on-one reading scenarios and in larger groups.  For story time the book works well to read a page then reflect upon and discuss what it is showing and telling us. By stopping on each page the rhyme scheme doesn’t get too forced as well, as some lines are forced and awkward, making the rhythm hard to maintain.

hajj inside

Overall the book is effective and enjoyable.  The kids can see from the pictures and the simple words the importance of each step, and get an idea about how they are to be performed.  The book is not an AR book, but there is a quiz at the end to see how much they retained.

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