Ramadan Moon by Na’ima B. Robert Illustrated by Shirin Adl



This book is fantastic and one of my children’s favorite.  The text is lyrical and simple and the pictures are charming and sweet.  I wait for the day I can read this to a larger group of children than just my own, but until then I have no problem reading this one over and over again.  It has an AR level of 4.6 and is 28 pages.

Told from a child’s perspective and voice, the free verse poetry lilts around in a playful way conveying what Ramadan is, what fasting is like, going to the mosque, what Muslim prayers entail, giving charity, being kind, and celebrating Eid.  While it would work for both Muslim and non-Muslim children, the vocabulary isn’t well defined and there really isn’t a story it is more of an overview.  Muslim children will enjoy it because they are familiar and probably have experienced most everything presented, however, if that connection isn’t made, the story may fall a bit flat.  That being said a brief explanation can easily erase that obstacle and make it a fun book for all kids pre-school and up.

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