Allah Created Everything by C. Alta

Allah Created Everything by C. Alta

allah created everything

The version I have is called Allah Created Everything, but it seems that the more common edition is God Created Everything, regardless the book is beautiful, timeless, and a perfect book for story time with the little ones.  The simple words and beautiful illustrations are the perfect level for Daycare through Kindergarten students.  They can gaze at the pictures and absorb the simple text, and even participate in a powerful conversation after about how Allah/God created us all, and everything around us.

The Blades of Grass,
The Oceans and Seas ,
The Rocks-
The Soil-
The Beautiful Trees,
The Majestic Mountains That We See,
Allah Created Everything.
The Dog-
The Cow-
The Whales-
The Birds, The Spiders and Bees,
The Wild-
The Tame-
Allah Created Everything.
The Sun,
The Moon,
The Rainbow-
The Clouds, Tornadoes, Volcanoes,
Lightning Shattering the Skies.
People of the World,
And Colors We See,
Allah Created Them
Just like You and Me.

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