Allah is Al Khaliq (The Creator) by Saba Ghazi Ameen

Allah is Al Khaliq (The Creator) by Saba Ghazi Ameen

allah is al khaliq

This is one of the first books I got for my first unborn child nearly 14 years ago, and as I am now on my fifth child I only recently realized (thanks @Taleswithmimi) that I have never reviewed this beloved sturdy 10 page 6 x 4.5 inch board book.


It starts by declaring and defining that Allah is Al-Khaliq, the Creator of all I see, it then, in rhyming verse lists some of Allah’s gifts as organized by colors.

Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, white, pink and black, are presented in a fun, and playful way on two page spreads.  The fun illustrations and bright colors are well done and perfect size for little ones to take in.

The book was published in 2002 and is still relevant today.  I highly suggest it for toddlers to chew on and learn their colors from in an Islamic context.  That being said, any religious kids would be fine with the book, while it is Islamic fiction, any faith that acknowledges the Oness of a Creator, will not find anything more religion-specific in the book.

I love that there are tabs on the side to show the colors, and that there are NO FLAPS!  It’s companion book that goes over shapes in a similarly beautiful, Allah is Ar-Rahman (the Compassionate) but there are flaps.  Thin ones at that. Needless to say they were damaged or gone within days and four of my kids have never enjoyed them!

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