Muhammad (SAW) By Demi



This book attempts the enormous task of creating a picture book biography for kids about Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be  Upon Him).  While the text seems adequate and engaging for children with a basic knowledge of RasulAllah’s life, I think it would overwhelm any young non-Muslim reader.  The story starts with Prophet Muhammad’s birth and tells about the major aspects of his life, both as a family man and as a leader.  The text includes ayats from the Qur’an and hadith.  THe information is presented as fact, it doesn’t preface statements by saying, “Muslim’s believe,” making the book a solid, yet dense, book for Muslims of all ages and a good introduction to Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for older non-Muslims as well.

The book has an AR level of 6.7 and is beautifully illustrated.  Some of the illustrations are borderline irreverent, but it is clear that Demi truly respects the Islamic tradition of not depicting Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).   I think it is more jarring because most Islamic books do not depict the angels, buraq, or any of the prophets, where Demi does in her book.  Prophet Muhammad is depicted by a gold silhouette and the proper blessings are bestowed upon him whenever mentioned in the text.

Demi includes a foreword at the begining of her book that explains some of the diction choices and background on the artistic style used, there is also a bibliography at the end of her 42 page story.  The book is ok for independent readers or in small groups to discuss, however for anyone younger than 3rd grade, it is probably just too much information.

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