One Green Apple By Eve Bunting Illustrated by ted Lewin


one green apple

One Green Apple is a great story that really puts the reader in the shoes of a new immigrant that doesn’t speak English.  Farah, a young Muslim girl goes on a field trip to an apple orchard her second day of school and as they go for a hay ride and pick apples and make cider she and her classmates develop a connection that shows the reader how easy it is to reach out to someone new.

The sunny pictures and delicate words aptly describe Farah’s frustration in not being able to articulate her thoughts, and knowing where she belongs.  Similarly as she asserts her self and the others accept her you cheer her on and feel optimistic that she will find her place just fine.  

This story works well for new kids and for students with someone new in their class.  Being able to imagine what someone else is going through and discovering ways to help is a great lesson at any age.  The AR level is 2.6 and I read it to many of the classes the first week of school with new students, and even the older elementary grades were engaged and drawn to the message of the story and young Farah.  I don’t know that classes younger than Kindergarten would truly understand the story, maybe one-on-one, but I don’t think clothing and communication skills are a big deal with the younger ones.

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