Sameerah’s Hijab and the First Day of School by Janette Grant Illustrated by Fatimah Ashaela Moore


sameerah's hijab

This book is perfect for 1st through 3rd grade girls, as it focuses on Sameerah’s first day of school in America and meeting new friends.  Sameerah and her family have just moved from Yemen and Sameerah is nervous about fitting in, however her love of wearing hijab and Islam radiate through her as her new classmates ask her questions.  Before long the students have found they have more in common than differences and Sameerah can’t wait to go back to school the next day, alhumdulillah.

This book works well for students to see how confidence, patience, and kindness can go a long way in understanding those around you.  Sameerah is articulate and confident and a great example in knowing your deen well enough to present it to others.  It is also a way to introduce Muslim children to how others may worship as Sameerah also learns about her classmates.


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