Ramadan by Susan L. Douglass Illustrated by Jeni Reeves


ramadanThis is a non Fiction book about Ramadan that is thorough and accessible.  It has an AR level of 3.7 (third grade, seventh month), and with the short sentences and well-spaced text, I wanted to include this book so that those looking for an informative book for their independent readers (second grade and up) would consider this one.  At 48 pages, the book isn’t divided up into chapters but there are headings that keep the book flowing from one topic to the next. The illustrations supplement the text giving them context and there is a list of “New Words” in the back making this book appropriate for Muslim and non Muslims alike.  

Overall a good read for those looking to learn more about Muslims and Ramadan, or for those looking to see themselves in a book that isn’t too childish. The book is clean and factual, and keeps a nice balance between giving solid information and overwhelming the reader with details.  The book also includes examples of Ramadan in other countries as well as students fasting in America.  We have this book in our school library and the students that have stumbled upon it are excited to check it out, and when they ace the AR test they are absolutely beaming.  


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