Zaki’s Ramadhan Fast By Ann P. El-Moslimany Illustrated By Erica L. Butler




Zaki’s Ramadhan Fast is an age appropriate picture book for kids trying to fast for the first time (Little ones to 8 or 9 years old).  The illustrations drive the story and the short paragraphs explain the excitement and difficulties Zaki experiences on his “first real fast.”  The book talks about the rituals of waking up early, the importance of not fighting and getting angry, and the mercy of Allah.  Zaki makes his way through the day with the help of his supportive family and climaxes with Zaki forgetting he is fasting and eating a muffin.  The book is a great introduction to Islam and Ramadan to children of all backgrounds, but is definitely more applicable to young Muslims trying to fast, especially during these long hot summer days.

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