The Hundredth Name By Shulamith Levey Oppenheim



The Hundredth Name is a heartwarming story of a boy named Salah, his father, and his camel named Qadiim, Ancient One.  Salah is concerned that his best friend Qadiim is sad, and this in turn makes Salah said.  As Salah’s father gently and patiently teaches Salah about the power of prayer, the mercy of Allah and how we only know 99 names of Allah, the hundredth name is not known to us, Salah finds a way to make Qadiim happy.  Through beautiful pictures and prose like paragraphs, the reader is inspired to trust Allah with all matters, big and small.

The book has 32 pages and is an Accelerated Reader level 3.7.  I think Kindergarten would enjoy this book during story time, but the younger ones, Daycare through Pre-k,  may not truly understand the beauty and the message.

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