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I have been working as an Islamic School Librarian (daycare to 8th grade) for a few months now, but recently decided I wanted to start a Book Club at the school as well.  I have been reading as many Islamically themed books, books with Muslim characters, books by Muslim authors, and culturally relevant books, as I can get my hands on.  Needless to say I can’t keep them all straight, so I thought if I blog about them, then I can keep my thoughts straight as well as go back and comment on what worked or didn’t work in book club meetings, inshaAllah.  As a former teacher, and lifelong avid reader, I feel strongly in the power of the written word, and with so much negativity around us, I feel that positive messages of  everyday Muslims, could speak volumes to our youth.  Plus this way, I can actually have a place to direct people when they ask if I know of any good Islamic fiction books!

Feel free to offer your opinions on books I feature, and suggest books I should read, inshaAllah our kids can read books that they can identify with and see themselves in, an opportunity many of us didn’t have when we were their age.

Thanks for stopping by, Peace.



A few books to get me started

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